Great Cthulhu is Coming to Town

While there is still some “making a list” happening, and I’m sure much “checking it twice,” … it is looking quite likely that Great Cthulhu will be coming to my city at some time during this year.

Let me just back up a bit and explain what the heck I’m talking about.

Over on the forums, Paul Maclean (aka Paul of Cthulhu, founder of YSDC) is a man with a plan. His plan is quite simple: he wants to arrange for his plush toy Cthulhu to visit as many places around the globe and be photographed doing as many squamous and non-Euclidean things as possible. It’s all in the name of charity. But it also sounds like it will be a LOT of fun.

So, of course I volunteered to host a visit from the Great Old One, despite the fact that I live far from most other Call of Cthulhu fans … in sunny Australia. I’m sure the international postage will be ridiculous, but it’s going to be fantastic.

One of the rules of Paul’s “Cthulhu World Domination Tour 2012” is that each person who receives Great Cthulhu is expected to put some small token or piece of ephemera into his cardboard vault (aka the packing container) before sending it on the the next victim host. So excited am I by this exercise that I have chosen to create a custom piece of ephemera for this purpose: a mock 1920s newspaper clipping recording a supposed previous visit by Cthulhu back in 1925. It looks like this (click image for a full-sized version with legible body text):

And before anybody asks what a “pie floater” is … check out this page on Wikipedia. Do you not agree that this local food speciality looks like it comes from the pits of R’lyeh?

BTW the look and feel of this newspaper prop closely mirror issues of the local newspaper, circa February 1925 … and indeed, everything apart from the main article is actually material lifted from scanned newspapers from this period. And, yes, the headline “Women Who Marry Aliens / What Is Their Nationality?” is copied word-for-word from a real article. This prop features something that is a bit of an experiment for me … the creation of a new font based on scanned images: The main headline font (e.g., “PIE-CART FOUND ABANDONED”) is rendered using a hastily-cobbled together font made from letters cut from scans of the actual 1925 newspaper. Considering how quickly it was done, I guess it looks ok … but the experience of attempting this gives me new-found respect for the folks who do this professionally — there are a lot of things you need to get right for a font to look “not-broken.”

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