All Things Move Toward Their End

So, it’s been a little slow here on Cthulhu Reborn with regard to updates on upcoming free PDF projects … but like some evil shoggoth-filled cauldron, things have been bubbling away with a malevolent evil (though hopefully less smell). So much so in fact that I now have not one, but two scenarios that are almost ready to be released here.


The first of these is Mark Morrison’s legendary scenario Deadwave … which I have spruiked here several times since I had it *almost* ready to release in November. Suffice to say that a variety of real-world commitments and other distractions kept this beast at the 99% mark for longer than I would have preferred … but now all I am waiting on is a hasty glance from a proof-reader, some (hopefully minor) fixes from that … and it will be out!

In the months that this project has been stalled, I have managed to take the opportunity to add a few bells and whistles to the layout. These have mostly been reverse-sides to all six newspaper handouts (two from the 1920s, two from the Gaslight era, and two modern ones). I’ve also taken the time to put together a back cover, which has a blurb which I think quite nicely sums up what Deadwave is about:


The Past Is Doomed

The second PDF which I haven’t mentioned before, but is getting pretty close to completion is Geoff Gillan’s 1990s conspiracy piece “The Past Is Doomed.” I’m sure most folks know Geoff as the mastermind behind Horror on the Orient Express (one of the all-time best campaigns for any RPG, IMHO) … but he also wrote some really intriguing and frightening one-shot scenarios for various Chaosium compendiums in the mid-1990s. This scenario dates from this era also, and was published in the Chaosium Digest, where it has sort of been sitting in obscurity ever since.

I will post more about it in the coming weeks, but for now here’s a sneak peek at my cover design for this strange tale of the Mythos Conspiracy against History (for want of a better tagline):

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