Tentacles in the Fifties

You know … it doesn’t seem all that many years ago when there were really only a handful of different time-periods for running Call of Cthulhu games. There was the default 1920s setting, the “Gaslight London” setting of the 1890s and a couple of different takes on modern day settings. And that was it (well, mostly it) when it came to officially published material.

Fast forward a decade and suddenly we are now living in an era where a fairly rich multitude of Cthulhu settings exist … and if all the (sketchy but tantalising) advance press releases from CoC Licensees is to be believed, there is a lot more coming by way of new and diverse settings.

Atomic Age Cthulhu

One setting that was recently announced by Chaosium as an upcoming main-range CoC product is Atomic Age Cthulhu, a 1950’s American setting for the game. I’d have to say that this one took me a little by surprise … but the more I thought about it the more intriguing seemed the possibilities of such a setting. But, I wondered to myself, what would a Fifties Take on our beloved game look like visually?

Of course I have no idea what Chaosium have planned for either the content or look of this book … but (after spending a couple of hours looking through 1950s art designs), here’s my own take on what a Call of Cthulhu game logo for the “Atomic Age” could look like:

Naturally, the graphics we get when the Chaosium book is finally released will probably look nothing like this … but it’s fun to just throw around some ideas.

As always, I’m happy to release this design to the world totally free of charge (for non-commercial uses) … so if, in the highly unlikely event that you are someone out there already running 1950’s based Cthulhu games, and you think this logo might enhance your game somehow — or maybe just make your players laugh — by all means use it however you want!

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