A Short Diversion to Warsaw

Well, the Art Deco character sheet I posted here a few days back seems to have been popular with online folks — that’s wonderful, and I hope the sheet works well for anyone who decides to use it for their Cthulhu games.

A friend on the Yog-Sothoth.com forms, who lives in Poland, even asked whether it would be possible to have a Polish language version of the sheet created. Initially I was reluctant, both because I have several other projects on the boil at the moment, and also because I speak not a word of Polish (and thus could royally screw up typing all those fiddly accents — sure, they look cool, but try typesetting them in a decorative font).

In the end I relented (mainly because he offered me a bribe of masses of fine Australian alcohol). The result looks like this — I’m told that I didn’t even manage to screw up any of the accents (a minor miracle):

Polish folk who would like to use this sheet for their games can grab the PDF (formatted for A4 paper) here. I hope it adds something to your Zew Cthulhu!

BTW, before anybody else asks me … no, I’m not planning on doing any more translations of the sheet. Significant bribes might change my mind … but I have other (Cthulhu-y) things I should be spending my time doing.

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