Re-Reborn: “In A Different Light”

A little while back, I released a free-for-download scenario called “In A Different Light”, here on Cthulhu Reborn. You can still grab the scenario and read a bit about how it came into existence, over on this blog post.

Since releasing the PDF, I have been contacted by several people who have either run, or are planning on running the adventure. That’s great. Interestingly, a couple of people had already built their own player handouts for “In A Different Light”, prior to the PDF coming out. Emailing with these folks (and in one case seeing their props), I was impressed by the amount of work they’d put into preparing to run the scenario. I also realised that even with most of the key player clues provided in the original PDF as handouts, there were still several (more tangential) artefacts of the investigation that are sort of glossed over with a paraphrasing summary in the text rather than provided verbatim for the players.

So, armed with the wonderful pre-PDF props made by Andy Miller (aka Max_Writer), I set about building some additional props for the scenario. All-in-all I have constructed another seven pages of props and maps (including two hand-drawn maps, plus ten handouts). These supplement the six pages of handouts included with the original PDF.

Here are a few snapshots of the new handouts:

The “Unpublished” news article — on Arkham Advertiser letterhead (as seen in the wonderful props from the HPLHS)

A couple of old books with information on Crawford’s Rise and its mysterious disappearance

Detail from one of two extracts from Prof Jamisons (very weathered) notebook

As always, these files are provided entirely free … and you can put them to whatever (non-commercial) purpose you want. I hope that these props make your game more enjoyable.

If you do want to download the Add-on Pack, you can do so simply by right clicking on the link below and select “Save As” from your browser’s pull-down.

Download the Web Add-On for “In A Different Light” (eight pages, 4.2MB, v1.1)


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