Art Nouveau Cthulhu Character Sheet

It started out as a simple enough requirement. For an upcoming project I was trying to find a full-page 1890s character sheet for a character who is of a more artistic bent than the  stuffy-old bewhiskered types who seem to normally take the leading light in Cthulhu By Gaslight adventures.

My first port of call was, obviously, the Chaosium website … where you can grab (for free) some nice PDFs of all the sheets from the latest edition of the game, including an 1890s character sheet. Problem solved, you would think … well not really. The Chaosium sheet is ok I guess, in a functional sort of way. But it lacks the kind of elaborate Victorian look that I was hoping to evoke. You know, the kind of  bohemian, absinthe-stained decadence that you naturally associate with artistic types of this “yellow” decade.

So I continued my search around the net, and didn’t really find any other sheets that would fit the bill any better. Along the way I looked at a lot of clipart and design books on the Victorian period, and realised that the look  I was really searching for was that of the Art Nouveau movement.

Anyway, to cut a long story short … I figured I would take a go at redesigning the Chaosium 1890’s character sheet in an Art Nouveau style (using all that clip art that I’d unearthed).  In the end I decided to do both sides of the sheet (although for my particular application I will probably only need the front).

And here’s the finished item.


Here are some JPGs of the design. First, the front side of the full sheet (scaled down) ,

some detail of my Art Nouveau Call of Cthulhu logo,

and finally some detail of a “new” section I added to the back of the sheet (particularly aimed at the types of characters I can imagine using this sheet)

The Sheet

Here’s the sheet itself … I made different versions for folk who use A4 sized paper and those who use US Letter. Click on the links below:

If anyone out there is running an 1890s Call of Cthulhu campaign full of artistic and decadent sorts … feel free to grab this sheet and use it however you’d like. Alternatively if you are running a straight 1890s game but would like some sheets more evocative of the art of the late Victorian era, again these are here for you to use. If you do anything creative with them, feel free to drop me a line to tell me about it (or post about it on the forums)!

The layout of these sheets (and most of the text) is identical to the 1890s Character sheet from the Chaosium 6th Edition Call of Cthulhu rules. Those aspects are copyright Chaosium (but have been distributed freely). The bits I have added, including the graphics, text ornaments and logo I am happy to release under the same Creative Commons license I have used for releasing other media on this blog.

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